Finding a Job in Seattle
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I will be relocating to Seattle in February. In addition to a decent amount of savings, I have a stable online business that generates enough monthly income to cover rent and basic expenses. I plan to find a full-time/part-time job so I won't be living paycheck to paycheck.

Single, late 20s, female. I have work experience in these fields: non-profit development, marketing, and software QA. I'm already using Craigslist, Idealist, Indeed, and temp agencies to find work. I have no professional connections in Seattle. Are there any other resources that I'm overlooking?

Any advice, suggestions, anecdotes would be very helpful. Thank you so much!
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Join some groups on Facebook/Meetup like Girl Geek Dinners then post there for help or talk to people at events. People will offer to refer you to their companies (many companies offer cash bonuses for referrals) which is way more likely to work than applying cold.
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I don't know about resources, but I know a non-profit that I'm pretty sure is looking for a development director. I'll double-check that and post back here, or you can memail me.
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Would you want to work from home? I know two people working for the Apple call center from home (here in Seattle) and they get amazing benefits. With your experience, you could check to see if they're hiring management positions. I've been really impressed hearing about their work/life balance and compensation even though they're both starting from the bottom (which you wouldn't be).
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So I do know of a development position, and I'm happy to send it your way, if you're interested.
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