How or where can I sell this?
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I have about $110 worth of codes for a restaurant discount site. How or where can I sell them?

The site issues discount certificates. As an example, you typically pay about $5 or $6 for a $10 certificate. You then need to spend at least twice the face value of the certificate and other restrictions can apply (dine in only or weekdays only are the two I recall seeing). So you could buy $110 worth of these certificates for around $50-$70. I got mine "free". I am wondering if I could turn it into $30 or $40.

In other words, if you purchase them, you get at best a 20% discount, probably less after tax and tip. Since mine were "free", the discount was closer to 40%. This was useful to me in San Diego County, but they haven't proven useful since leaving. So I am wondering if I could somehow get some cash out of it.

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Does Raise buy these certificates? They buy gift cards, which I think work on a similar principle.
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They are codes. Unfortunately, Raise is not accepting stuff right now.
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Oh, I didn't even think to click through on the sell link. In that case, Gift Card Spread (who I haven't ever used), looks to at least be taking offers for
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eBay has a few codes up for auction now. From the recent completed auctions, it looks like you can get around 15-25% of the face value for them.
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I apologize for leaving folks hanging. I had hoped to sell them quickly and report back. But that didn't happen.

Gift Card Spread is supposedly taking them, but has rejected both of my attempts to sell them without ever making a counter offer. I apparently naively asked way too much, but the way it was handled has me feeling like they think I am an asshole, which makes me reluctant to try a third time. So, that was a pretty negative experience and I don't know that I ever want to deal with them again.

So, I have yet to sell them, but it hasn't been a real high priority. But I at least know that I need to Google "sell gift cards" instead of whatever I was googling before, so I probably do have a path forward.

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