Suggestions for cheap last minute NYC to Europe flights?
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Short of Priceline, are there any ways to regularly get cheap last-minute airfares to Western/ Central Europe for a single traveler? I have a job that sometimes allows me to work remotely, and I'd love to leverage that by hopping off to Europe every so often. I'd be happy to fly on last-minute notice, without a lot of luggage. I have relatively easy access to EWR and JFK.

My only limitation is that the flight take less than 12 hours, so I can get off work one day, get on a flight, and be ready for work the next. Europe is east of NYC, so I lose some hours in the time zones as well, but I can afford to spend more time in the air coming home because I gain time going west.

I'm reluctant to use Priceline because their low fares often involve layovers, which means I could get on a flight in NYC, and not be online in time for work when I arrive.

I'm particularly interested in Paris, London, Berlin and Frankfurt as I have friends there that I'd like to see more regularly. Right now, I've been paying roughly $600 to $900 for tickets to travel.

There used to be courier services that offered tickets in this manner, but I don't see much about them anymore. Does anyone have any ideas? Do they still exist? Thanks!
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WOWAir out of Iceland has pretty cheap flights, although they're a no-frills airline. They have frequent sales of $159 each way. They don't seem to fly out of New York, but they fly out of both Boston and BWI, so you could take the train.
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Kayak Explore will show you flights to anywhere from NYC that are under 11 hours. Drag the viewing area over to Europe and pick a month. I see a $511 trip Shannon and $610 to Belfast in February.
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I'm a big fan of Momondo for flights in general. Not sure how they are with last-minute deals but you may find something!
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Seconding WOWAir.

Also Norwegian Airlines and Aer Lingus.
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TravelZoo's Last Minute Travel Deals might be what you're looking for.
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Iceland air has a super cheap ($300ish) to London via Reykjavik. While you are in Reykjavik, you can take a layover for no extra charge to explore this wonderland
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Turkish Airlines has a lot of cheap flights to Central Europe from New York.
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Also I just booked flight to Vienna for $550 rt from EWR. Vienna is a pretty central destination to explore Europe through trains.
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I am a fan of old school Itamatrix. They are now owned by Google so theoretically you get the same info from Google flights. Note that this is just a starting point and you need to go somewhere else to purchase. You can go to the airline indicated or use your favorite online travel agency.
There is a lot behind this simple page.
I entered NYC as departure (and All Airports popped up as an option) and Berlin (as an example) as destination. I clicked on “Nearby” and set it to search all airports within 300 miles.
I set “Dates” to “See calendar of lowest fares” (March 1 and one month later). I set “Length of stay” for 13- 15 days.
I set “Stops” option to Nonstop only.
They currently show something on March 16 for $510.
Let’s look at that… It says that Norwegian Air Shuttle is flying JFK to CPH nonstop for $510.
I do a search for Norwegian Air Shuttle… When I look on their website I find that when I click through most of the way using the dates I found, it looks like the price is actually $410.60. Round trip and non-stop and they claim it is the total price including taxes.
I check this daily when I want to dream, and just yesterday booked Amsterdam to Chicago for €442 later in March.
Good luck!
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Hipmunk is pretty good, lets you set requirements and get fare alerts.
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