Iceland vaction this summer - camping, RV or hotel/hostel? Or tour bus?
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Looking for tips on which would be the best way to see most if not all of the natural wonders on a sorta cheap budget. Which way to the Bjork statue?

Me and my fabulous laydeeeee friend are in the initial stages of planning a trip this summer to Iceland. We want to see the sights, such as the various hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, caves, lava tubes, etc. We plan to stay a day or two in Reykjavik, then set out on our own. We are gravitating towards driving ourselves around, but we might be open to a guided tour type thing for a day or three.

So far we've looked into rental cars, rental campers, rental RV's. The cheapest option seems to be renting a SUV/crossover, and going wild camping - we would either drag some camping gear with us on the plane, or rent camping gear locally (a tent, cooking equipment, etc.). Alternatively we could stay in hotels, cabins, hostels, etc. (more money)

The price goes up if we opt for a mini-van type thing that sleeps 2, all the way up to an RV with it's own bathroom/shower. With these we don't have much camping gear hassle, but then we're at the mercy of whatever facilities are at the campgrounds, if we don't splurge on the deluxe private bath RV. Also, living in a smaller van for a week/10 days doesn't have much appeal, versus a somewhat more spacious RV/camper.

Ultimately, I think it will boil down to what will be the most comfortable, we're in our 30's - 40's and we're outdoorsy, but I don't want to have a tent blow away in the wind in the middle of the night. We haven't compared what a guided tour + hotel lodging would run, but I imagine that it would be considerably more expensive.
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I did 10/11 days in the end of June 2015. If you are going to do hotel - book soon. The good and cheap places go fast. If you do go that route it is a lot of planning. Figuring out what you want to see, how long it will take and then deciding on lodging from there. (It's what I did and we loved it)

I booked around this time last year and missed out on a few places I wanted to stay.
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I was there for a week in mid October and the wind was relentless. Summers are probably better, but it's worth checking first if you're going to rely on a tent.
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I discussed my experience with the camper van option here. I would recommend it over a tent, as it gets very chilly at night. The campground facilities were never fancy, but they were sufficient.
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