What are the best resources to learn about antiques?
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What are the best resources to learn about antiques? I am especially interested in learning about great books, blogs, databases, and videos. Any insights would be most appreciated!
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Buy one you are interested in.

Seriously. The best way to get started is to get invested in the idea.

Once you have something you will feel compelled to figure out the provenance, the techniques and technologies, the use, etc.

Once you have a thing get another and another. Once you have three that's a collection and you are now a collector. Now you worry about learning.

Find out if there are clubs in the area. Hit the library. You will find "antiques" is too broad a subject. Once you've found your thing you will learn more. And one you find others that like your thing you will learn from them.

Or you could go to school. My partner has a masters in "decorative arts" (i.e. a Masters in "Antique Roadshow."). If you say what you are interested in people can probably point you to better resources.
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Response by poster: I would be most interested in resources that take a broad "Antiques Roadshow" approach of featuring a wide range of interesting things. Any suggestions??
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Best answer: Collectors Weekly is a great site with lots of good articles... Antiques and the Arts Weekly is sort of the paper of record, at least for the higher-end of things...
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You can learn a lot about construction techniques in 17th and 18th century British furniture by visiting the Pegs and Tails blog. The proprietor has a sort list of books he likes. Be sure to check out his image gallery and proposed furniture garllery. The writing is very pithy but he covers a lot of interesting background and important details that you won't find anywhere else.
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Best answer: Find a library that has a collection of The Magazine Antiques. Start reading current and back issues. The articles are usually well footnoted, so you can use them to find deeper sources on anything you're interested in.
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Come to Brimfield, Massachusetts for one of there 3 yearly antique shows. There's auctions, special shows and miles of antique dealers - it's so much fun. t's a week long and pretty great.
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