Help with Hashimoto's, etc in East Bay
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My SO, who has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, is seeking a new primary care physician or endocrinologist, preferably in the Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley area.

She says:

"I am seeking a new primary care physician or endocrinologist, preferably in the Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley area. I'm looking for a doctor who is open to alternative healing modalities and supportive of the fact that I will also be seeking help from acupuncturists, chiropractors, and integrative doctors (and if he/she is willing to work with these practitioners, then all the better).

I would prefer to see someone who is trained in, or at least familiar with, the field of Functional Medicine. In particular I am seeking someone with expertise in treating asthma, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, adrenal issues, and autoimmune issues in general. I also need someone who will take insurance.

I have lifelong asthma (since I was a year or two old) and am currently on three medications for this (though I have tried literally hundreds of things to improve my asthma and get off meds). I have also developed a variety of other symptoms over the last few years, including rapid weight gain, hormonal problems, skin issues, and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, but my previous doctor (and endocrinologists) will not treat it because my TSH is normal. I know from my own research that a normal TSH is not enough to gauge thyroid health. I have a very healthy lifestyle and diet. And I have done a lot of research on my own and have tried every remedy out there. But doing this on my own is not working, because my symptoms continue to get worse with each passing month.

I want a doctor with an investigative nature, willing to help me get to the root cause of my issues, rather than just prescribe me drugs or wait until it worsens. I have not had a good experience with Kaiser Permanente and their response to my chronic issues. I now have an opportunity to find a new MD and I am appreciative of any potential advice/suggestions from people in the Bay Area.
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I also have Hashimoto's. I know that this is not in your SO’s preferred location, but I used to see two doctors at Holtorf Medical Group in Foster City. I had similar bad luck with primary care doctors and endocrinologists before that who were not responsive or helpful and just wanted to increase my medication. When I switched over, the doctors there were more knowledgeable about what to order and look for in my lab work and seemed focused on a more holistic approach to treatment. It felt like they wanted to work with me and were attentive to my concerns.

One downside: I have not been there for several years, but when I last went they did not take insurance. If I'm remembering correctly, the out of pocket for each visit was somewhere between $100 – 200. I’m not entirely sure if this is still the case or if things have changed, but it may be worth looking into.

I wish your SO luck in her search - I know that it's really difficult to find a good doctor to deal with Hashimoto’s!
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Dr. Nathan Becker in San Francisco, Dr. Beth McDougall in Mill Valley; more leads here (links to second page of Mary Shomon-recommended doctors in California).
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I literally have every symptom your SO lists, and my GP through Kaiser San Rafael has been receptive to everything I've asked, and has put me on synthetic hormone even with TSH that some would call "subclinical." She also has been open to alternative medicine...more than I am, really.

Her name is Christine Goette. Memail if you want more details.

Good luck...this is a shitty set of medical circumstances to deal with.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. My SO is extremely grateful. This is an excellent starting point for her.
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