Which Toronto maker space?
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I’m looking forward to a few months of planned professional downtime very soon, and I’d like to have access to workshop facilities to develop some 3D printed and laser/CNC-cut plywood constructions. I’m in the east end, and would prefer something readily subway accessible. I’ve heard that some of the better known places have their equipment over used and under maintained, and I’d like to avoid that kind of downtime. All suggestions gratefully considered.
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Toronto public library?
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I'm sure you've already rejected it based on it being one of the "better known places", but there's a branch of the Toronto Tool Library on Danforth between Coxwell and Woodbine.

Toronto Tool Library
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STEAMLabs just opened up in the new Centre for Social Innovation building at 192 Spadina. Here's a link to their membership page that includes the tools they have: http://steamlabs.ca/classes-item/memberships/

Not the east end, but easy to get to via subway/streetcar and I believe brand new equipment.
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Response by poster: TPL just has 3D printers; I've signed up to do their intro course, since Scarborough Town Centre is not too far away.

Toronto Tool Library is potentially good and close, but I've had reports of the laser cutter being down for extended periods despite requests from paying members.

SteamLabs is cool and all, and I know their Maker-in-Residence, but it's an hour haul on the TTC, and the Spadina tram isn't exactly project-friendly.
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TPL is a great place to try 3D printing, but you can only print in a fairly delicate biodegradable plastic and no job can take more than two hours, which limits you to objects which are egg- or fist-sized at most.

You can also print paperback books there, via their Asquith Press.
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Response by poster: I'm probably going to go with Protolab, who have just reopened between Main and Vic Park.
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