UK pension after working there for 7 years?
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I am Swedish and worked in London during 1996-2002. I was just contacted by some dever-group or similar (and will ignore that) but it made me wonder if I DO have a UK pension. How do you know, or check? Is it something I can just cash out? (I will presumably get Swedish pension, and/or, Japanese if I live here long enough).
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You can't cash in a UK state pension early, and in any case 8 years probably isn't enough to get anything (you need at least 10 qualifying years).

However, you might be able to count your UK qualifying years towards your Swedish pension, under the EU co-ordination rules (assuming that the UK is still in the EU when you retire and is honouring such agreements). Or vice versa. The rules on this are complicated. From the UK end you could contact the
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If you mean a workplace pension (organised via your employer, as opposed to the state pension), if you were paying into that while employed in the UK a) you would have signed a bunch of paperwork regarding it, and b) the deduction would have shown up on your payslip. You would have also received annual(?) statements in the post with your current pension account balance, etc.
Workplace pensions weren't mandatory at that time so you wouldn't necessarily have had one, although in my experience they are usually offered after 6 months or a year in a job (although my work experience doesn't stretch as far back as that) and you would have had to opt in to it.
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For tracing a private pension, try:
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