To be a cider drinker, in Swedish
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I'm looking for a good Swedish expression for "Get some cider in you!" or "Drink up your cider!" Something that sounds a little on the rural / folksy side would be best.
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Response by poster: Norwegian will be accepted for half credit.
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Häv en cider (Heave up a cider)
Drick din cider (Drink your cider)
Sup en cider (Drink a cider - but more alliterative)
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Response by poster: Can I expand the first one to Häv upp en cider for an extra syllable?
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Not really, no. Häva = to drink quickly, knock back (plus other meanings), häva upp = to make a loud noise, like häva upp sin röst = raise one's voice, make oneself heard. Unless there's dialectal use I'm not aware of.
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"Svep din cider". (When it comes to drinking, 'Svep' means 'drink up', 'finish' also to down your glass in one go).
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Potential words: supa (the normal slang for drinking), pimpla (sorta like "to guzzle"), hinka (slangopedia says it's from Romani, but "hink" also means bucket in swedish, so I associate to drinking quite a lot), kröka (from 'krok' to bend, i.e. to bend the arm while drinking, also usually for large amounts). Sadly, swedish isn't my first language, so I don't know the exact correct idiom for this. :/
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