What does this text towards the nose of Korean Air planes mean?
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Been flying in and out of Seoul a lot recently, noticed some interesting hangul written towards the noses of Korean Air jets that I can't quite decipher...

Noses in question: pic 1 and pic 2.

I can make out what seems to be a (stylized?) 대 ('dae') but I can't even appear to create the last three characters with my Korean keyboard! What's going on here? And what do they mean?
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Pic 1 is hard to read, but pic 2 says 대한항공, "Daehan Hanggong," i.e., "Korean Airlines." See the Wikipedia page.
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Doesn't pic 1 say 대한항공 as well? I wouldn't call it especially stylised, especially not compared to this, for example.
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Ambrosen, you could be right about pic 1 (it would certainly make sense for them to say the same thing); to be clear I just personally had trouble reading it. And agreed this is a pretty straightforward, minimally-decorated font.
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