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I'd like to try renting a car through Turo. My insurance covers rental cars (I live and will be driving the car in California); does this apply to cars rented through Turo? Tell me about your experiences with Turo--what should I know before I rent?

Just to be clear: I want to rent a car from someone. I am not renting my car to someone.
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I rent my car on Turo (formerly RelayRides), so though I haven't used it to rent someone else's car, I have a couple people who rent my car on the regular who do have their own insurance. Honestly, I don't factor that in when it comes to who I will rent to, since it seems like Turo is more generous to owners than renters (they cover damage up to 1 million on my car for free, but you have to pay for that if you want the same protection as a renter). I would check with your insurance for the specifics of what they cover with rentals (and see how they classify Turo, since it's a car share—do they consider it a rental or a situation where you're just borrowing a friend's car?) and then compare it to what Turo offers.

Turo offers different levels of insurance to renters, which you can decline if you have your own insurance, though they prefer you to purchase theirs as a supplement. Their policies are pretty complicated and I think rather than summarizing here, it might help to check out the Turo FAQ question about the insurance levels, this question about whether you need your own insurance, and what you would be responsible for in an accident.

Turo has changed in the year I've been using it since they've renamed themselves, and one thing I wish renters realized is that they give you a really short amount of time to approve a rental request, only 8 hours. If someone requests a car for the next morning and I've already gone to bed it's really easy to miss the request. It takes awhile to work out details, so even the cars that are available to "rent instantly" require a 3 hour minimum time before you can pick it up, so keep that in mind. I usually end up sending 10 or more messages back and forth working out details with new renters. It's a little more cumbersome than using a rental car when you first start, but after you establish yourself with cars nearby it goes really quick.
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You should check with your insurance to make sure that it covers Turo. Most insurance plans treat it differently than traditional rental car companies.

To protect yourself, take the 5 extra minutes and take a dozen photos of the car when you pick it up and when you drop it off to prove you didn't cause any new damage to the car.
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