What Research is There on Technology, Communication, and Empathy?
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I've been thinking a lot about empathy and the way we communicate on the Internet. What research, studies, books, articles, etc. should I be reading? Special snowflake requirements: I studied Psych 101, so it's gotta be on my damn fool BA in English level of understanding.
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Best answer: Joseph Reagle's Reading the Comments is on my to-read pile. I read his book on Wikipedia called Good Faith Collaboration and found it very readable and interesting. You should also subscribe to the newsletter of The Coral Project.
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Best answer: "Virtually You" is an interesting look at the personalities we construct on the Internet (that often are not very empathic)
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Best answer: Seems like anything by Sherry Turkle merits a glance. "Alone Together" is a great entry point, as is this TED talk.
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Did you see this recent post over on the blue?
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I'll have to consider this more - it was a substantial part of my BA program, so I should know more - but the first thing that comes to mind is Marshall McLuhan's work on "reflexivity." It's specific to mass media (one-to-many communication) but interesting and accessible.

Sherry Turkle, as thenewbrunette says, is also a good source.
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