Real Time Stock Market News?
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Could anyone recommend a good site for real time stock market news? Immediate news, if possible. Today the market started out down, then turned around and is heading up like gangbusters. I'd like to find the news that precipitated that turnaround.
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Best answer: Bloomberg is about as good as you can get. A Bloomberg terminal would be better, but the website is second best.
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Best answer: Also if you want to know what market indicators/reports are coming out, Econoday is the schedule of major indicators.
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Best answer: What is your budget? If you've got $3,000 a month to spare, you can't beat a Bloomberg terminal. That's what the actual professionals on the street are referring to. Anything you can access for free as a casual web user will be slower and less comprehensive. That said you can check out Bloomberg, Thompson Rueters or maybe CNBC. You can also follow corporate earnings reports via the SEC's Edgar system or the websites of the corporations involved --- you can set up alerts for various firms on sites like PR Newswire if you want to get the releases sent to you the same time most reporters get them.

Also bear in mind that oh, 85% of day to day market reporting is reporters coming up with reasons/excuses in hindsight for whatever it is the market already decided to do that day. Sometimes there are clear and obvious reasons why the market does what it does, but that's rare.
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Best answer: Marketwatch does what it says on the box. Its coverage isn't as broad as Bloomberg, but that can be helpful if you're just looking for an explanation of the market movement. But Diablevert is right: They have to come up with a reason, and often there is no (known) reason.
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Best answer: I subscribe to Dow Jones Real Time News through my market software provider (Tradestation). I am old school in that I have used Dow Jones since I had a Quotron. Bloombergs are great machines but to me, what differentiates them from others is not the news, it is both the OTC bond market quotes and the internal Bloomberg messaging system. I do listen to Bloomberg TV in the background though. I recommend it over CNBC if what you want is just news and information and not infotainment.

You could also look at something like I have paid for this service at various points in my career.

I was out this morning so I do not have an answer for your specific question about what turned the markets today, but it is not always breaking news that turns a market midday. For example, if the price of oil suddenly stabilized or even started rising midday, the stock market could rally based on what an alternative investment market is doing. When I was trading the OEX, I used to ask the S&P futures traders what they watched for their market indicators. They would often say the bonds and order flow in the pit. When I asked the bond traders what they were watching, they would say the SPUs and order flow in the pit. I never did reconcile that they were watching each other.
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Best answer: I would also add that your investing time horizon is relevant to what news you watch and/or pay for. If you are a day trader, real time news like Dow Jones or Bloomberg is more critical than if you investing time horizon is weeks or months or even years. If I was just trading a macro hedge fund, intraday swings would not be as relevant to me as if I were day trading or swing trading.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers!
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