I lost my emojis!
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I have a Samsung Galaxy S5. I'm not sure how it happened, but now when I'm in the (factory) texting program, I tap the smiling face to see the list of emojis, but it doesn't pop up. Any idea how I can fix this without losing everything on my phone?
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What is your default keyboard? (settings > language and keyboard). I have an S6 and mine is set to Samsung keyboard (my emoji icon works).

If you can't figure it out, you should be able to still get to the emoji list by holding down the microphone key on the keyboard.
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Mine is also set to Samsung keyboard. Thank you triggerfinger, holding down the microphone key does work to bring up the emoji menu! But I do wish I knew how to make it work the way it did before.
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that could be a matter of going into settings/language and input and select your keyboard to change the settings, and perhaps you can change something there to get it back. It's possible there was a software update that changed it in a way that you can't, but it's a thought
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I have a similar problem with my S5; I use the Swype keyboard and can't actually access emoji when using it in most applications (though the texting app is the exception, actually, since the aforementioned button in that app does work). Holding down the mic button does not bring up emoji when I'm using this keyboard, unfortunately. If anyone sees this and has any input on this slightly different situation, too, do tell!
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Oh sorry, I forgot about apps. My emoji icon does NOT work in apps (e.g. when I'm leaving a comment on facebook), but holding down the mic button does. Both of them work for me for texting. I'm not sure if the emoji icon has ever worked for me in apps (though it might have - I can't remember). I also use the swype function, though I guess I thought that was something that was standard in all androids? Or do you have to specifically enable it?
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