Music to submerge in - rain / water samples
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Please recommend music containing recordings of rain or moving water. Not vanilla nature noises, like Echoes of Nature (though I love those too), but music in which those kinds of recordings are incorporated as an intergral part of the piece.

The archetypal example I can currently give of this would be Rigning by Yagya, a whole dub techno album based around field samples of rain.

The track A Gentleman on a Trail by Focus on the Breath would be another good example, with running water (streamside sample, presumably) rather than rain.

Instrumental electronic music is my habitual pond, but I'll more than happily splash downstream into any other genre sinkhole, lake or ocean you can show me.
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Well dang, Rigning was what I was going to suggest. If you know that you probably know Monolake's Hongkong, but if somehow you don't, the first track of that is also super rainy.

Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency's collaboration Polar Sequences has a lot of sounds of glaciers melting.
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IIRC, a good portion of Kitaro's Silk Road includes a background of moving water.
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One of my all time favorites:

Grantchester Meadows

2112: III. Discovery
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Hi there, I'll be that annoying obvious person who sends you to classic rock:
The Who - Love Reign O'er Me
The Doors - Riders on the Storm

[And I am 100% shocked I got here first.]
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Solar Fields: Life is GoodI cued the link up at 1:09 but it may not transfer.
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The intro to Air's La femme d'argent is a fade-in of rain that muffles away into the background after the composition moves in.

There's a Jeans Team track, too, that ends with applause that slowly and almost imperceptibly crossfades into the sound of driving rain that I've always found striking. Same effect as the Air track, and I can't remember the name of the song, so let me know if you're interested and I'll find it when I get home.

Favorited this ask because ME TOO.
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Dilindam by Stereo Total
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FRKWYS Vol. 12: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - We Know Each Other Somehow
Recorded on the eastern Austrian coast, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens) and Ariel Kalma tune their approach and instruments to their natural setting, allowing babbling creeks and the wind to dictate elements of their drones, synth soundscapes, and skittering, beat-driven electronic experiments.

Might be interested in Water Drumming, previous Metafilter post Baka women of Cameroon, water drumming

His Name Is Alive - African Violet Casts A Spell
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Raining Revolution - Arrested Development
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Handsome Boy Modeling School - Waterworld
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The Same Deep Water As You, The Cure. The rain and thunder noise is more atmospheric than musical but is an integral part of the song.
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Baths - Rain Smell

This is the one off the top of my head, and I think I have a few others so I will look around my collection.
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If you want to go retro, Vangelis Soil Festivities album features lots of rain samples.
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BT - The Internal Locus off of This Binary Universe
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The beginning build up in Aphex Twin - On samples a rain storm.
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max richter's memoryhouse has rain as a background component. it is present in various tracks, but is most obvious on the opening, europe, after the rain.

it wouldn't surprise me if some tracks of his the blue notebooks also had rain, but i can't find any right now.

(thank-you for asking this; it's been too long since i last listened to richter).
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Cornelius - Drop
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Can't believe it hasn't been posted!
Massive Attack - Protection (Eno Mix)
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You may want to look up Jeph Jerman. His recordings aren't always easy to come by, but he's made a number of beautiful (and not anodyne) water recordings.
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Florist - Marine Drive
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The The - Kingdom of Rain
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Jon Hassell - Dream Theory in Malaya, "Malaya" includes recordings of Malay water-splashing music.
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Pink Floyd's Signs of Life has the sounds of a rowboat in water if that counts?
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Cypress Hill's "Hits from the Bong" prominently features burbling bongwater.
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Oh yeah, also Banco de Gaia Drippy has a pretty descriptive title.

(I remembered about it while trying to think of a good "wait for the drop" pun)
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Baka Beyond - Ancestors Voice features the Baka tribe water drumming. Its the only album of theirs I'm familiar with, suspect they may have more tracks with water drumming on.
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The Ronettes - Walking in the Rain
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The Cowsills - The Rain, the Park and Other Things
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Paul McCartney - Uncle Albert
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Leon Russell - Manhattan Island Serenade
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...but the best, true rainy music is "Fall" by Wendy Carlos, off her Sonic Seasonings. If you're into electronic music, you should know this record.
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Global Communication, 14:31.
Flying Saucer Attack, Rainstorm Blues (rain sample kicks in at 2:08).
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Also by Wendy Carlos, that great bonus track on the 'Clockwork Orange' ST, "Country Lane" (at the end).
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Response by poster: Thanks so much everyone... I'm slowly working my way down through everything suggested, and there's already a ton of exactly what I asked for, plus great inroads into lots of new-to-me artists as a bonus besides. Happy auditory floating one and all :)
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Response by poster: For the benefit of anyone coming to this AskMe down the line, I've just found a wealth more of this kind of music through the label Silent Season. Music directly inspired by the landscape and weather of British Columbia... rain (and other natural field recordings) feature prominently across many of their releases.
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