weightlifting logging app for iOS?
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I'm looking for an app to log my weightlifting workouts. Think Starting Strength or Bill Starr's 5x5 but with variations. I've tried Strong for iOS and FitNotes for Android. FitNotes is close to my ideal, but I'm not on Android anymore.

My ideal app:
-- simple, intuitive navigation
-- easily copy/base today's workout on one of the three most recent workouts (exercise names, no. of sets and reps, weight)
-- share results with Google+
-- show 1RM results for three different exercises in one graph -- lets me define new cardio and free weight exercises
-- lets me program my repetition / progression rules (if I've done 5 reps at set 5, do 6 next time; if I've done 8 reps, bump the weight up 20lb and reset reps to 5)

Strong on iOS comes kind of close, but fails me in these ways:
-- there's no way I can see to base a current workout on one from 2 or 3 workouts ago, where weights sets and reps are pre-populated from the workout and not a static template. And copying an old workout just doesn't seem to be there in the app
-- g+ sharing isn't supported
-- the 1RM graph shows one exercise at a time

FitNotes does nearly everything I want, except it's not on iOS and I can't program in my repetition / progression criteria. But copy a previous workout is an ok workaround.

Weightlifters of metafilter, recommend me some apps for iOS/iPhones.
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Best answer: I use Strong, and I'm wondering if you're willing to pay for the app (I think it's $5?) - in that case, there might be a workaround for your first issue. If you pay, you can have unlimited routines. In that case, you could just create a new 'routine' when you workout (instead of doing a "free workout") and name it the date you worked out or something, and then the next time use that routine instead of doing a freeworkout, and it will show you the weight/reps you did last time. You can also then duplicate Routines (it's at the bottom of the routine page) for the next time you want to copy one but edit it.

As for g+ sharing, there's an export HTML/email option which prints into an e-mail something like, "Squats, 3 sets, 5 reps at 100 lbs, 5 reps at 100 lbs, 4 reps at 100 lbs" and so on for your workout. I imagine there must be some kind of add-on/plugin/IFTTT recipe that would automatically share e-mails of that nature to your G+ account? I didn't find anything on a cursory google search but it seems like it should exist.

Don't know any way around the 1RM issue.

Sorry I don't have any actual other app recommendations!
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Fitocracy has some of what you want, might be worth checking out. It doesn't do the progression but does copy previous, I don't know about graphs or sharing to Google+.
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Response by poster: I have the paid version of strong, and perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but for the three routines I rotate between, it shows me the previous workout rather than the previous workout of that routine. So if I do 5 sets of heavy squat reps in my day 1 routine, but lighter weights and more reps in day 2'a routine, it shows me the weight and reps from the prior day rather than the prior week's day 2 workout.
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Response by poster: Ernahgerd, I take it all back about previous routines. Strong has a preferences setting per workout day that tells it to inherit from the previous workout of the same type, or any workout. Mine was set to the latter. Jouir, thank you for getting me to take a second look.

I'll stop thread sitting now. Comments so far are excellent, and more recommendations would be much appreciated.
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Best answer: I'm a Strong user, and also in the Strong beta. The developer's extremely responsive to requests and input. Might be worth emailing them to get in on the beta, and give them the feedback about what you'd like to see.
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