Where did the carnival target dummies go?
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A while back, perhaps on Boing Boing, I saw some artsy carnival throwing game target dummies -- the kind shaped like bowling pins, but with faux fur edging. I believe they were art pieces made for sale. I can't find a link to these (or the 'real thing' version) anywhere, probably because I don't know the correct name. Any help?
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Best answer: They're called 'punks.' You can find them on eBay frequently if you search for 'carnival' or 'circus' and 'punk.' Highly collectible but there are lots of fakes as well as some places that sell new, artist-created versions. Some people specialize in collecting just punks as a subset of all vintage carnival/circus prizes like canes or hats.
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Best answer: Here's all you need to know...

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Response by poster: Perfect. Thank you sir!
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