Help me replace my shoes?
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About two years ago I bought these shoes (Gentle Souls Iso Jane) in pewter, and pretty much wore them into the ground. I assumed (wrongly) that it was a neutral enough style that they'd still be in production, but not only is that not the case, I can't find anything similar. I've had an eBay search going for months, and nothing is turning up in my size (7.5 / 8). I would love to somehow replace them.

What I like about them:

- Small wedge, so it's almost enough of a heel that it works for dressy but is flat enough I can run in them (to chase my kid or dodge traffic, not jogging or anything).
- Metallic, so it goes with everything (it's hard to tell but it's almost taupe - looks goldish in some lights, and silvery in other).
- Thin ankle strap, rather than a bulky strap you usually see in Mary Janes.
- Delicate, not bulky.
- Closed toe
- Super comfortable

What I don't care about / don't need:
- That big button on the side (don't mind it, but it doesn't add anything to the charm IMO)
- Black accents (am fine if it's all one color)
- Elastic strap (vs. buckles)
- Mary Jane-yness (I would be okay with a skimmer or a ballet shoe with an ankle strap if it matched everything else otherwise)

You guys are always amazing on quests like these - I appreciate any thoughts you may have!
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The Soft Star Shoes - Design Your Own has both this Metro look that you can get in Platinum or Pewter (I think the Platinum is closer to what you want) or the Merry Jane. There's also the Sport Ballerine if you want the strap, or the Ballerine that doesn't have a strap at all.

They don't have any heel on them, but the look is very similar, and they are made in the USA.
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They look a lot like Vaneli Grania, which are available in size 8 at 6pm.
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I just bought these Josef Seibel shoes, which look similar. They seem to only come in black, but the are dainty, super-comfortable, leather-lined. They feel like butter.

There is an older style in bronze still available here.
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