Name that artist who submerged a room in a museum installation?
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I read an article about an artist who built a living room inside a glass enclosure that was periodically filled with water, I think as a visual representation of the housing mortgage crisis and the huge numbers of households "underwater."

The mold growth on the furniture was so much more intense than anticipated that they maybe had to close it down? I downloaded a photo of the installation (image here) and now can't seem to reverse image search or Google my way back to the artist/artwork name. Help?
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Your photo link is busted, if you want to share a DropBox file you need the "public link".
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I can't get your linked image to show (I get the message that the folder doesn't exist), but this reminds me of Roger Hiorns' wonderful Seizure. It's not exactly what you're referring too (and I vaguely remember the mold incident), but it may have been a similar Hiorns project.
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Yipes, sorry about the link! Does this work?
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The photo works now and Google's Image search found this: "Osman Kahn: Come Hell or High Water".

FYI: I just clicked on your image and selected "Search Google for image" in Chrome, which got even more results.
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Thanks! I don't know why I was so bad at google image search!
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