How to design a centralised, continuously updated image library?
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I would like to have regular access to my OS X image library that is being kept on my Macbook using 'Photos' by the other machines within the home network, preferable without using Icloud Photo Sharing but with a NAS/Timecapsule.

As the Macbook syncs with the various tablets/Iphones and DSLRs within the household, my preferred solution would be that 'Photos' continuously updates a seperate directory on the homenetwork's NAS/Timecapsule as soon as new pictures are being added to it, so the desktops/laptops with other operating systems within the household (Windows/Debian/OpenBSD) can have access to the image library.

Unfortunately my scripting skills are rudimentary. I remembered vaguely that there used to be an extension/third party software for this purpose, but a google search revealed nada.

Any ideas welcome.
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Best answer: You could use Lingon to schedule an hourly rsync between your Macbook and the NAS.
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Response by poster: This looks promising.

Thanks a million!
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