Steger mukluks, plantar fasciitis, and New England winters?
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So does anyone have experience/opinions about Steger mukluks, their utility in often-slushy New England winters, and any implications for mild plantar fasciitis? (Fellow MeFite leahwrenn, I know, loves hers!)

I so, so, SO want a pair of these, particularly the "Arctic" model (with ribbons!). I do regular outside stuff -- walking, shoveling & snow-blowing, mooching around town -- and several campouts with the Boy Scouts each year, including cold-weather events.

However, I am a little leery of how they'll behave in New England, when winter weather often crosses back and forth over the freezing point: I don't want to have two soakers on those days when it's not freezing. Do any Steger-wearers find them picking up water in day-to-day use? And how often do you re-apply that spray?

Last, I have some plantar fasciitis & crummy arches. Will just sticking a pair of arch supports or orthotics in these be enough?

Thank you!!
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Best answer: I used to live in Northern MN, and have been missing the ubiquitous Mukluk sightings. I love love the way they look, but ultimately decided against them for two reasons.

All my Mukluk-wearing friends dread the return of slush. They apparently get soggy quickly.

Two, I have heard anecdotally that walking on pavement ruins them. That doesn't stop all people from wearing them around-town, but may decrease their usefulness as an amazing all-purpose boot.

No help on the orthotics, I'm interested to read what other MeFites say.
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Best answer: Oh! I also remember my friends having to coat their Mukluks in sealant...which made them more water-proof. (Worth investigation)

Edited: dang, sorry. I didn't read your question thoroughly. They reapplied every couple years.
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Best answer: You need to reapply that spray when the previous spray quits working. If you wear them every day, that can mean reapplying every month or so.

The arctic model may be too warm if temperatures are crossing freezing, unless you're standing around in slush. They're very warm.

Not sure if arch supports or orthotics would work well inside them, but it sounds to me like you want something with a hard sole instead.
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Best answer: My husband complains about his feet getting too hot inside with the Arctic ones, so if you're hoping to not have to take them off immediately when you go inside, I'd get something only rated to -20F. You'll still be plenty warm.
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Best answer: I live in Duluth Mn, and I wouldn't recommend. They are for cold, clean snow conditions—not city streets, salt, slush or (relatively) warm temps.

I make fun of people who wear them in town, because they're basically ruining them. (I also can't afford them, so maybe I'm just jealous of people who can be so blithe about throwing their money away.)
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Response by poster: Screw it, I'm going for it.
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Response by poster: I got the Steger Arctic mukluks about a week ago, and we had 8"-10" of snow a few days later. I spent hours outside shoveling and was very comfortable -- with no foor pain the next day.

I wore just one pair of Darn Tough wool socks (with the insoles that they include, but without the extra felt sole), and I was quite warm. I wear mostly size 11-1/2 shoes, and the size 12 mukluks are fine. If I was going to spend a lot time time way below zero, I might want size 13s (or 12W) to have room for extra socks.

There's another 10" of snow due tomorrow (the school just closed), and the Boy Scout Klondike Derby is next weekend, and I have zero worries about my feet being cold or sore. Yay!
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Response by poster: Springtime update: I had a bunch of chances to wear the mukluks, and they were great. More comfortable than my low-profile Merrells or Keens, which I already liked a lot.

They are easy to drive in, or walk in. I put the waterproofing spray on mine and they didn't get ruined by salt; I also made sure to knock off any snow each time I wore them.

I spent all damn day at the Klondike Derby in them and was blissful. (The number of compliments that attracted may have helped, I admit.) But the first couple of days in April we also had snow, and though the temps were up around 30-34, I wore them all days again they weren't too hot.

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