How do I easily transfer contacts from my old sim to new nano sim?
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I've recently bought a new iphone 6S. I'm currently using my very old sim which has all of my contacts stored on it in a Samsung smart phone. What is the easiest way to transfer all of my contacts to the new iphone, taking into account the fact that the old sim card doesn't fit?
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Is your phone on a service? If you're on Verizon, for example, you can back up all your contacts to them, and then download to a new phone.
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Sync your contacts with Google on the Samsung phone (if you have a Gmail account logged in, this part might already be done), and then with the iPhone.
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You can literally cut the old SIM to size, if it comes to that. (And it's easy to get a holder if you ever want to put it back into the old phone.)
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Apple stores have a transfer device that can usually complete that process for you for free. Might be worth asking about.
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Done! Thanks, everyone.
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