Short trip to Mexico City, ideas welcome!
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Yay! I have a short (4 days) visit coming up to Mexico city, leaving next week. I've got one day marked for Teotihuacan and another day for the National Museum of Anthropology and other museums in that area. That leaves two days with little to no plans, any mefites with experience in the DF who could share their must do's? Also, I am staying in Zona Rosa, planning on using the metro as much as possible for transport.
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Seriously consider taking a day tour on the Turibus Circuito Turistico. Depending on the weather a great way to get out of the historic center and very informative. Four routes: (1) Historic Center, (2) Polanco and Chapultepec, (3) Southern DF and UNAM, and (4) Tlatelolco and Basílica de Guadalupe. Pick up is convenient to Zona Rosa.
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I really liked the Frida Kahlo museum. It was also in a quaint part of town that was nice to walk around in. If you go, don't miss the Diego Riviera house like we did. We didn't realize later that it's all included in the ticket.
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MUJAM, a giant toy museum, is impressive and convenient to Zona Rosa. See if you can get one of the employees to take you up to the roof to check out the graffiti.

I'm also a fan of Museo Tamayo, the contemporary arts museum.
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Definitely spend the time in the center, that is the Zocalo and the surrounding area. It is the historic centre around which the city's history revolves. We really enjoyed browsing the bookstores in nearby Calle Donceles.

Coyoacan is the suburb where Frida Kahlo's house is. If you're there don't miss Trotsky's house, a couple blocks away - it is the house where he lived out the end of his life.
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Zocalo/Centro and Coyoacan are definitely worth spending time in. On one side of the Zocalo, the National Palace has walls filled with Diego Rivera murals. The Cathedral, on another side of the Zocalo, is worth a short visit. The other sides have old colonnaded buildings, many of which have restaurants near the top - these are overpriced, but maybe worth it if you want to take in the view.

Coyoacan is a generally pleasant neighborhood to wander in, and them main square is very nice. Linger there for awhile over a meal after you visit the Frieda Kahlo and Trotsky houses.

The Anthropology Museum could easily take all day, but I spent a very enjoyable afternoon strolling through the park across the street from the museum, and the neighborhoods - I believe Roma and Condesa - on the other side of the park.

The canals at Xochimilco are really cool, but the journey there is quite long - you take the Metro to the end of the line and then a light rail, and then it's a fairly long walk. It would eat up most of a day, so depends on how you want to spend your time.
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My BF and I were there for four days in early December and loved it so much. We did the Teotihuacan day (took the metro to the Autobus del Norte stop and bought a bus ticket to the site; super easy to do) and also visited the Museum of Anthropology and both were great.

Other than that, our other favourite, which could probably be added to a day visiting Centro Historico (which we also did; Templo Mayor is fine, but not, in my opinion, a must-see if you're going to Teo. and the MoA), is the Museo de Arte Popular.

If you're there on a Sunday and like to ride a bike at all, we really enjoyed taking part in Ciclovia, where they close down Paseo de la Reforma, the main giant boulevard that goes through downtown DF. We got Ecobici bike share bikes which we were able to sign up for at one of the booth set up on the street alongside the Paseo (you can only sign up in person because they make you take a quick biking knowledge test). It was awesome seeing all the monuments along Reforma up close, which you mostly can't do otherwise because they are usually encircled by crazy speeding traffic.

Not sure if you're looking for food too, but in Zona Rosa we found food choices to be somewhat slim, but ate at and really enjoyed La Casa de Toño on Calle Londres twice; it was about $25 for the two of us for an insane amount of food, including excellent pozole and cochonita (slow-roasted suckling pig) tacos. It was also open on Sunday night, which not much in Mexico City outside of the Centro Historico seems to be.
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The post office is super cool, if you are into old buildings.
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I just got back from there and enjoyed very much walking around in the La Condesa area. Doing the Amsterdam Av. loop was a neat way to see the art deco/modern/classical architecture mashup that is Mexico City, along with cool cafes and little shops. There was also a neat Charles Darwin-themed bar there called Baltra, in case you get thirsty on your walk.
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Best answer: I was there twice in the fall and the locals all recommended Uber for transportation. It was surprisingly inexpensive and I had a great experience with the various drivers. I usually take public transportation when traveling but this felt like such a worthwhile mini splurge.
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Response by poster: Uber is a great idea! In a thread of great ideas! Never would have thought of that.
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Was there two weeks ago. Try to acclimate a bit before doing anything strenuous...there is only two thirds the oxygen from sea level, plus there is the smog factor.
Wear layers, can be 40F when you start out in the AM, and rise to 80 at 4PM.

We returned several x to Loncheria Bravo, a little restaurant for breakfast & lunch with awesome juices, food & coffee.
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If you go to the Coyoacán area (Frida Kahlo museum mentioned upthread), be sure to visit the market and eat at one of the quesadilla stalls. They are SO GOOD. Try the cuitlacoche (yummy corn fungus) or flor de calabaza (zuchini flower) uf you're into new flavors (assuming you don't already know them).
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