Looking for simple fleece convertible gloves
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Please help me find something as similar as possible to these sold out gloves!

My hands are cold, but I'm picky. These are the criteria:

- Magnetic closures on flaps
- Flaps for fingers AND thumb
- Thick fleece
- Black/charcoal/gray/dark neutral color
- Simple in design (no large logos or decorative elements)
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I don't have any specific recommendations, but I am pleased to see that others also call these glittens, so that is a search term that may help you.
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Not sure if you NEED women's sizes but here's a search for glittens on Amazon. I also searched for Convertible Mittens. You can also check other outdoor retailers for that brand.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
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I've also heard the term Glomitts.
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I have a pair of Outdoor Research mitts that have a liner that fits your requirements. But is has one critical additional feature, it lacks individual finger bits. It isn't a half finger glove with a mitt cover, it is a mitten that folds open. The half finger style just isolates the fingers and reduces their ability to keep each other warm. This is like what I'm talking about but its long cuff may fall foul of your simple requirement.
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I love these gloves. They don't have a magnetic closure, but the mitten part tucks in securely -- and they're very warm without being bulky. My pair lasted five years and would have lasted longer except I left them on the bus....
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I didn't know the terms "glomitts" or "glittens" and those terms did help! I ended up finding a pair at Cabela's. Thanks for the suggestions, all.
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