Queen size quilt on a budget
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Shopping for the home: I never do it. I'm looking for a deal on a queen size quilt/bedspread. Nothing too fancy. I've checked Amazon, SlickDeals, and Overstock, but feel like I'm missing something. What other budget-friendly websites for home-goods-type-stuff should I check?
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Ebay. If you see something you like on one of those other sites, search for the same brand on Ebay. You can even set up an email alert for it. If you don't want used, you can often find new unused things on ebay as well.
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TJMaxx and Wayfair.

If you are open to shopping in person, I've occasionally found very good deals on bedding at Ross and Marshall's.
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If you find something you like, sign up for the store's email list and you'll eventually get a coupon.

I had a great quilt from Target for years. Also TJMaxx, Marshall's, Home Goods, and Ross -- it's a bit of a game and you have to go in store and hope for something good, but I had a great one from Marshall's.
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Seconding Marshalls - great selection, good quality, and frequently on sale / has coupon deals.
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This is a job for IKEA.
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My favorite source for this sort of thing is The Company Store. Their regular, retail prices aren't what I'd call "budget," but nifty things turn up in the clearance section all the time, and they have frequent sales, often with stacked discounts allowed. Also, their customer service is great and their stuff is of dependably good quality.
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Second-ing Ikea - I got an inexpensive, but really nice, comforter w/ matching duvet cover and pillowcases about 6 years ago from there. They've held up really well and I still use them regularly.
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Nthing Ikea. I got a comforter and duvet for less than $100. I think like $80? If you don't have one near you I'm pretty sure the bedding stuff is available for shipping. I also have gotten stuff at discount shops like Ross, TJMaxx, etc. for a good price.
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I've seen really pretty and pretty cheap quilts in TJ Maxx and also Stein Mart.
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Bed Bath and Beyond has a lot of comforters on sale now.
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January is the traditional "white sale" month. Macy's will have things marked down to stupid low prices. They'll have discount coupons online and in newspapers. (20% off.)

Bed in a Bag will have the whole schmear all at once. Comforter, shams, sheets, dust ruffle. You can get them for under $100 easily. I once got a set for $19. You can get lucky.
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We get a lot of stuff from Zulily. Longer shipping times and variable inventory as it's still technically a "flash sale" site. But, there are new sales every day and we've found some great deals on housewares.
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I haven't bought linens from them but I've bought lots of other stuff.
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Wayfair has surprisingly good prices in their sale section.
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I agree, Ikea. They have great heavy warm bedspreads and they're really affordable.
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I have a nice 100% cotton quilt from Target. Try there as well.
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I got a fantastic one from Macy's, and they always have coupons/promos.
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Bought a quilt from Woot, it is fine and was very cheap.
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Anthropologie has absurd sales sometimes and their quilts are very pretty, though I'm not sure how durable. If you're looking for just a comforter, Costco is the way to go.
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Seconding The Company Store (link should go to full/queen clearance blankets and quilts). Good quality, and last season's stuff can be had for reasonably cheap. There's free shipping and an extra 20% off clearance items right now, too.
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