Identifying children's book where child chooses to be reborn
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Can you help me identify this book from my childhood? I think it was a picture book, and there was a part where a spirit was choosing what planet, family, etc. to be reborn into.

The spirit had to pick a planet to be born on, and they liked the one that looked like a blue and green marble -- earth. They made a bunch of other choices that I think brought them to a life, and maybe a family, that was the same as the one they had left. The one thing that ended up different was that they had to choose whether to be a boy or a girl, and they remembered that last time they were a girl, and this time, they wanted to try being a boy. (Or maybe it was the other way around.) And that's all I remember.

I would have read this as a kid, so it couldn't have been published later than the mid-90s.

Does anyone know what book this is? Thanks!
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Best answer: Is this the Mordicai Gerstein book The Mountains of Tibet?
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Response by poster: Yes. Thank you!
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