60th milestone ideas for a woman
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I've been through a rough year or so. Divorcing and it will be final sometime between now and my 60th birthday. I am happy with this change so that is actually a positive thing. However, I want to mark my 60th milestone birthday with something I'll always remember. I like to try new things and am a bit on the adventurous side.

I have zip-lined and rappelled, tried a bit of scuba diving. Love white water rafting. Now I'll be honest, I'm not up to hiking the PCT like Cheryl Strayed (LOL), but like the idea of trying something most women my age wouldn't do. Any ideas? I'm in the PNW if that helps.

Just as an aside, I'm planning on having a bonfire when my divorce is final and burning my wedding gown, excess paperwork from the divorce, and anything else that comes to mind. I feel like I have a new lease on life so not only is the 60th birthday an important milestone, so is the divorce after 40 years of marriage so I plan on making it a great time!
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My friend went on a hiking trip to Iceland to mark her 50th. She said it was amazing.
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my parents were surprised at how young everyone else was when they visited the galapagos islands (and it was also a very memorable holiday).
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Suggesting a hiking or kayak trip to the Canadian arctic - so serene and beautiful, and almost completely uninhabited. An awesome place to contemplate your future - congratulations on a new chapter and best of luck. Wherever you go and whatever you do will be awesome - be bold!
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Keep copies of license and ending papers, SS sometimes wants them.

Helicopter ski, The Bugaboos.
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My 60th birthday present to myself was 3 months by myself in London. A trip somewhere you'd enjoy, alone, as long as you can afford, is really great.
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Hiking or horse riding in Mongolia-- beautiful and wild.
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I'm a little older than you. A couple of years ago I decided I really wanted to learn to surf before I get too rickety. I found a women's surf school in Nicaragua and wrote to them asking if they could teach a 60 yr old woman to surf and they said absolutely. I didn't get the chance to go, but might still do it.
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Solo travel somewhere remote, to see the Northern Lights.
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I agree with mareli! Go to a women's surf school in Nicaragua or Costa Rica. I went to Witch's Rock surf camp and loved it. I went solo as a 40 year old lady person. I'm sure that you could do it too.
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For my 45th, I went skydiving --- not gonna do it again, I was scared out of my wits, but I'm glad I did it! (And there's even a video with me screaming my fool head off that I replay every few years for laughs....)

And 🎉 Happy Birthday! 🎂
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A woman in her 60s whom I met took a hiking tour across England, from one shore to the other. I think she said it was through Sierra Club.
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Since you're in the Northwest: Washington Outdoor Women has some cool workshops. I haven't been to one myself, yet, but I know one of the instructors and some acquaintances have gone to their annual weekend event, and everything I've heard has been positive. Are there any skills there you'd like to try your hand at?
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The Camino de Santiago is full of people looking for a way to close one chapter and go on to the next. It's fairly easy walking, the Basque country of the first 200 miles or so is gorgeous, the people you meet are remarkable and it just might change your life in a surprising way.
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If you haven't one already - a beautiful tattoo?
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Climb Mt. Ranier
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I love the Northern Lights suggestion!
Is there a fantastic hot springs or maybe polar plunge you could find?
What about swimming with luminescent plankton? Here's a description of when Maggie at Mighty Girl did it: Mighty Girl. Actually, you could check out her blog for lots of great adventure ideas.
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If you have the time to do it I would heartily endorse the suggestion to walk the Camino de Santiago.
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Study a language for a month and then go to that country.
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We climbed Mt. Fuji with my mom for her 60th. It's not a particularly challenging hike, and made for wonderful memories.
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The Arctic, sled dogs, showshoeing, northern lights. If you're in PNW then Alaska or the Canadian Arctic are within reach. I've traveled and done those sorts of things in Iceland and Svalbard, so let me know if you need recommendations.
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A lady I once knew had never traveled. When she was pensioned, she went first to Egypt and then on to a really long voyage in India. She also got herself a very young lover (who was how I got to know her).

At the time when I met her, I was not fond of traveling (had been dragged all over Europe by my parents as a child, and not enjoyed it). Now, I can see the point of traveling after 50 - you are respected and even honored in most countries, and you know what you like and dislike. I've traveled extensively in the Middle East the last ten years, and it has been truly great. But I just know I would have hated it when I was younger.
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Just going on "like the idea of trying something most women my age wouldn't do" -- drugs? You can buy anything you can think of on darknet markets nowadays... Get a good pile of cocaine, have friends over to enjoy it with you?
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Response by poster: kmennie's suggestion made me laugh. Honey, I'm a child of the 70s...not much I didn't try back then. LOL

The Camino de Santiago is on my bucket list, but a bit out of my budget for now, as is traveling in Europe, etc. I guess I should have mentioned that. Has anyone tried tandem skydiving?

You all have made some wonderful suggestions. I'm mulling over some of the more affordable ones and am digging into a bit more research. After all I have six months! :)

Thank you! Keep em coming!
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Maybe a course in something like hand woodworking? You can find introductory classes around the country or short specialty courses in things like relief carving or windsor chair making.
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you ask about skydiving. i did non-tandem (static line) skydiving. 6 jumps. i hated every one (i paid in advance for 6...). but everyone else loved it, and whenever i say this online others always post saying how great it is. so i think in general people do like it, but there are exceptions. if i had to explain my exception i guess i'd say (1) i don't get much pleasure from being scared (don't enjoy horror movies for example) and (2) i don't get that excited about "amazing" experiences. i think the pleasure from skydiving comes from the terror of jumping followed by the exhilaration of what follows - and if you don't "bounce back" from terror, and don't have much "exhilaration", then it falls flat :(

in other words, you'd probably love it.

oh, also, hot air balloon trips (a kind-of related idea - haven't done one, but my parents have, and loved it).
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