Who made the joke about freebasing a cat?
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The spouse and I both remember a comedian, probably in the 90s, making a joke about someone (probably Steven Adler) getting kicked out of Guns n Roses - it was just something like, "What do you have to do to get kicked out of Guns n Roses, freebase a cat?"

Googling gives me a few random references to freebasing a cat or freebasing a kitten, but I'm looking for the original source.

Your assistance is appreciated, as obviously this is the most important thing I have going on in the new year.
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That's so close - but we both remember the freebasing bit and Miller doesn't say that in the clip.
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Interestingly (to me at least) the only reference to freebasing a cat I could dig up was in a similar context, but about a sports figure: "Albert Pujols would have to freebase a cat with my four year old daughter in the room before I'd boo him." It's possible Dennis Miller told a variation on that joke, somewhere other than his HBO special and thus lost to time? To paraphrase Krusty, if it was anyone other than Dennis Miller, they were stealing his bit. Good luck!
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Maybe something from when Miller was doing Weekend Update on SNL?
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