CD burning - VERY easy and free?
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I want to simply make CDs from iTunes, and I would like a very easy (and free!) way to do it.

Obviously, I do not already have CD burning software on my personal computer. I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T510 - bought about 5 years ago, so yeah - ancient in terms of laptops! Regardless, I would like an easy way to burn music from my iTunes. A couple years ago, I tried using Any Audio Converter and it seemed pretty involved when having to convert and all that, and I managed one CD, but it kept giving me grief. I would not claim to be extremely tech savvy either. Any suggestions, hivemind?

Also, of course, Happy New Year to you all!
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Oops, forgot to add - thank you for any suggestions!
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If you have iTunes 11 you have CD burning software! (or iTunes 12). Windows Media Player will do it also. Here's a troubleshooting guide. Can you explain what doesn't work or what software level you are stuck at that doesn't support this?
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I had a Lenovo laptop ten years ago and I was able to burn CDs directly from iTunes with it.
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Yup, iTunes has always had built-in CD burning. Search your help file or Google your version number + CD burning for specific instructions. Like many software functions, it may fall in the "easy but not obvious" category.
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My iTunes says "This version of iTunes is the current version (12.3.2)"

The Deej - I will check now.
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Jessamyn - thanks for the troubleshooting guide!
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Ok my last comment (sorry, mods!) - I just saw that I have Windows OS 7. I think that is outdated. Could that be my problem?
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Not at all. I've been burning CDs via iTunes from back when I had Windows 95 and it definitely works with Win 7 even with an older version of iTunes (I run some version of iTunes 10 on Win 7 but have also used iTunes 12.3.2 to do this). You should be able to make a playlist of what you want on the CD, put in a blank disk, then select 'burn playlist to disk' from the file menu and it will just magically burn an audio CD. I'd be wondering if there was a problem with the disk if it's not working?
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You should be able to make a playlist of what you want on the CD

This is the key right here. iTunes won't burn an "album", it burns "playlists".
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