Binary goal tracker?
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Is there a 'yes/no' goal tracker app you'd recommend?

So I downloaded a weight tracker app which is pretty cool. But I'd really like one that would track my weight AND also a set of custom binary daily goals. Like the app will ask me 'did I make my bed?', 'did I get enough sleep?', 'did I wash the dishes before bed?', 'did I eat breakfast?', etc etc. then I would like the weight trend and the binary goals plotted out a trend line for the weight and red/green boxes representing each question. So I can look back at a month and say 'oh I did so amazing yay me'. Does such a thing exist?

Thanks and happy new year!
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Not sure what kind of phone you have but Rewire for android wouild do the trick.
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Oh good point! I have an iPhone 6. Thanks jcworth
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Habit List app is a good one and does what you describe. Available on iOS.
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You may want to look at HabitBull. It seems to match your desire to keep track of goals (desired habits), but not weight. I use MyFitnessPal for the latter. I realize you may want both in the same app.
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I like the app on iPhone. It will prompt you if you set it to do so. You can join goals other people set for social accountability, or create goals yourself.
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Productive. It's not free if you want to track more than 5 habits, but I loved it so much that I immediately sprung for the paid version.
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HabitBull is also free right now, so might be worth checking out.
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Streaks is good, and I've been using it on my iPhone. You can track up to six habits.

The app Reporter might also be good if you want to be prompted at various times during the day.
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Don't Break the Chain?
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