Do you have an amazing bookkeeper/accountant?
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I'm looking for a really great bookkeeper/accounting firm for a small but growing business using Quickbooks. Snowflake: MUST BE AMAZING.

I've had many bad experiences in a row with accountants who take months to get started, categorize the same regular monthly expense six different nonsensical ways, make weird sexist comments, don't respond to emails for weeks, etc.

Please recommend your ABSOLUTE BEST, FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WORLD who does business accounting and has room for new clients.

I'm willing to work with an accountant anywhere in the US. This is for regular monthly bookkeeping services and financial reports. Bonus would be annual tax preparation for a corporation and financial waterfall projections.

Feel free to memail if that's easier.

Thank you so much!
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You know, there might be a wonderful amazing book-keeper who checks in with Metafilter. Why not post a job advert?
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Tax laws vary by state, which might complicate your nationwide search. With that said, I have a wonderful accountant I've used for both business and personal taxes, although I've not had her do the bookkeeping since (with her help and advice) I've been able to handle that myself on Quickbooks. Memail me if you want her name and contact information. (Note: She's based in the Chicago area.)
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