Difficult to find Emma Watson interview
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I'm looking for the movie footage (digital or otherwise) from which these screencaps are taken...

Neither the Biography Channel web store, nor their help system (automated and actual-person response both) knows anything about such an available purchase or copy, which leads me to perceive it must be a fan-recorded movie of some ilk floating on the Net someplace. I've hunted a bajillion fansites with no success, although I have found a few-second snippet from the same interview but not the entirety as the screencaps suggest.

I can find an equally bajillion copies of the screencaps with some simple Googlage (ones with brown & white shirt), but no luck on the actual movie. Any ideas? I don't have cable to catch reruns, and I rather don't suspect they'd rerun a 2002 interview anyway.
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Click where it says Biography Channel. Is that it? I didn't watch it.
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I just watched it - that is the footage you're looking for. Download away.
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Response by poster: although I have found a few-second snippet

Download away.

That's the few seconds I have already, although I hadn't seen that particular site before :-D I'm ahunting the full interview. The screencaps have different shots that the short clip there shows ;-/
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