Cash without a bank
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I need a decent amount of cash, but I don't live near my bank.

I am traveling and will need to take post-2006, clean, uncreased $100 bills to exchange. I expect to take somewhere between $800 and 1200. Normally, I would just go to a bank -- but there are no Citibanks in Atlanta. Advise?

(I cannot use an ATM here because they dispense $20s. ATMs are not available at my destination and I need to carry cash.)
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Best answer: You will probably have to pay some kind of fee since you are not a customer, but I imagine you can do this at the counter of any bank with your debit card.
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Best answer: can you not change denominations at banks? if so then you could take the money out of an atm (if it's within your limit) then ask a bank to change it to $100 notes.
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Best answer: You can do this at a Chase teller via your debit card with no transaction fee (on their end). It's a good way to get larger amounts of cash when you have an internet bank, too.
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Best answer: withdraw the twenties from an ATM, then take to a bank to exchange for hundreds.

Also Publix has a thing with Citi, so you can use their Moneypass ATMs to withdraw cash, and get the denominations you need.
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Response by poster: Y'all are so smart. Thank you!
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Ages ago, when I wanted to do this, my bank suggested I have another local bank run a cash advance on my debit card. Neither one charged me fees, but that was ten years ago.
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Your local banks may vary, but some Regions locations will only change bills (especially smaller denominations for larger ones) for account holders.
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Are you travelling near a casino? ATMs in casinos like to spit out 100s (although you can't guarantee post-2006 bills, nor can you make sure you won't bust your daily ATM limit this way)
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FWIW, my daily ATM limit with Wells Fargo is only $300 - so plan ahead if you need to do withdrawls over a few days.
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