Basic Tools for Boxing Week Sale Comparison shopping?
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I want to buy a cheap notebook/netbook. It seems like (maybe?) buying it this week will get me a cheaper price? What should I be doing in order to find the best piece of hardware I can get for ~$300 CAD.

I want to put relatively little effort into choosing and buying this computer. I don't have a lot of requirements. I would like it to run Microsoft Office, a web browser, and maybe Kerbal Space Program. It will not be my main workstation, it will be my supplementary travel computer. I know that I can buy something that will meet my needs within my price range, but I would like to do at least some minimal due diligence towards optimizing the quality of machine I get for that price.

But how?

Is there any store that reliably sells better machines than any other? Are there certain cheap laptop brands that are better than other cheap laptop brands theses days? Am I actually saving money by going to a physical store on boxing week or am I better off buying online?

This is all in Canada (Montreal, specifically)
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Red Flag Deals Forum is a good place to evaluate boxing week deals
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