What are the best men's pajamas?
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What are some high quality men's pajamas? Which are the most comfortable, luxurious, or stylish? Compatibility with a washing machine / dryer is a big plus.
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Pyjamas made out of bamboo fiber feel wonderfully luxurious. So soft and smooth. Like Egyptian cotton but softer and not prone to wrinkles. Amazon didn't have many but you should be able to find something.
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Response by poster: I should clarify that just pajama bottoms are fine too.
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I'll answer for comfort, as stylish doesn't enter into it for me when it comes to bedtime clothes...

For bottoms I tend to favor one of two things: oversized basketball shorts (knee length, roomy, drawstring/elastic waist, prefer them to be fully lined rather than mesh inside-and-out) or a fairly slim/narrow-cut full length bottom made out of t-shirt material. I am a side sleeper in bed and I find that turning 180 degrees with big loose pant legs gets things twisted up far more than the slimmer cut stuff does. My current pants are from Qantas business class pajama sets, so I'm not quite sure where to advise picking up your own.

I'll add that a couple years ago I was in a Roots store in Canada and saw a knee-length short that was basically yoga pants material for men. I kinda regret not buying those, as they looked and felt comfortable as hell. Maybe check the Lululemon line for men, or similar?

For tops, it's generally soccer jerseys or pretty much anything similar to the Nike "Dri-Fit" material. I buy a little bigger than I need but lounging around in a big roomy t-shirt that wicks away sweat is pretty damned comfortable.

As a bonus, I'm a fanatic for Cushe slippers as house shoes. The manufacturer currently has them on sale for $16 and I recently bought two more pair to be backups to my backup. They're light, comfortable, and provide indoor traction and arch support that most other slippers don't. If you're willing, you can even wear them outside (canvas upper - not remotely waterproof though). I've had really nice Haflinger slippers before and loved them, but these Cushes are so much more comfortable for a guy like me that doesn't like to walk around barefoot. Highly recommended.
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I am a big fan of LL Bean's flannel pajamas and sleep pants. So comfortable.
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I (a woman) like to wear men's flannel pajamas (because I am super sexy like that) and I get them from my spouse for Xmas every few years. I often wear the LL Bean ones (which are great and long-lasting, but do tend to pill a bit on their way to being perfectly worn-in) but last year my spouse left the purchase a bit late and they were all sold out in my size, so in desperation he bought some from Brooks Bros. Which were twice the price, but man, they are amazing pajamas. I've been wearing them several times a week for a year and they went straight from "new and soft" to "perfectly broken-in" without ever having a weird fuzzy phase the way most flannel PJs do.
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My boyfriend often receives these original penguin brand pajamas as gifts and he really likes them. Very comfortable.
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Response by poster: Just wanted to add that I've been using the Brooks Brothers pajamas, and they are incredibly comfortable. I recently picked up a pair of the Frette Jim pajamas, and so far they have been extremely comfortable as well, though I don't know whether or not they will surpass the Brooks Brothers.
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