Baseball autograph ID help?
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My nephew sent me this picture of an autographed baseball. He says he got it from his grandfather, but neither of them has any idea who it is or where it came from. Any help?
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The last name looks a bit like Yastrzemski. As in Carl Yastrzemski?
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Carl Yastrzemski, maybe?
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It doesn't look much like those other Yastrzemski signatures to me.

There's a pretty finite list of major league players whose last names started with Y, so if you're pretty sure that's a Y, you could try just going through it looking for plausible matches.

I'm pretty sure that the "synthetic leather" description means that this is not a major league baseball, which I just mention because it might decrease the probability that it was signed by an MLB player.
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My baseball person thinks it looks like:
- first name David
- the number 36 or maybe 3
- last name something with a t in the middle, ending in a descending letter (g,y,z). Martinez, Keating?
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Dave Martinez?
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