What is a good global warming advocacy org to donate to?
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I would like to donate some money to combat global warming. I'm thinking more of orgs that influence public policy than carbon offset donations, because the former seem to have greater impact, but welcome opinions to the contrary.

Previous threads (one, two) had some helpful tips (350.org, Sierra Club, Cool Earth Action), but I'm looking for more opinions on these or other orgs.
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Amory Lovins's Rocky Mountain Institute has a long track record of finding the right people to nudge toward energy efficiency and renewables.
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Response by poster: For the benefit of other readers, I also found these resources on this topic:

1. list of pointers (reddit comment)
2. blog post at GivingWhatWeCan
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I am most appalled by the attacks on scientists themselves so I have started donating to the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund
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Best answer: Agreed, the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund is a worthy cause.
If you are interested in others...
Media: Climate Nexus
Weather forecasters: Climate Matters
Public Conversations: Climate One
Public Policy: World Resource Institute
Education: National Center for Science Education
Science: Union of Concerned Scientists
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