Geek merchandise to buy in Brisbane, Australia, retail, tomorrow.
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So of course I'm leaving everything until the last minute. Youngest son is a bit obsessed with Terraria and wants a shirt or something for Christmas. Obviously it's too late to order online so does anyone know of a good place to buy this kind of stuff retail in Brisbane city or near surrounds (west side, preferably).

Gamer merch is what I'm looking for - EB Games and JB are pretty shit for anything not in the top 5 so let's presume I've looked there (unless there's a superstore I was previously unaware of).

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I have no definitive suggestions, but generally comic stores such as Comics etc., Ace Comics and Games and Daily Planet Comics would be your best starting point. Search for "comic stores Brisbane" and you'll find addresses and telephone numbers.

Best of luck
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It may sound counter intuitive, but JayJays has been licensing Nintendo and even Invader Zim and stuff for a few years, they have a decent nerd t-shirt collection. Target also has a shit tonne of star wars clothing atm, good luck.
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Am I too late? Mind Games in the city (Myer Centre) is pretty good for board game / table top game / general geek stuff.
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