STP Cars?
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In the early 70s, there was a cool line of toy cars, which I seem to remember being called STP cars.

They had a very smooth, single center-mounted metal/rubber wheel, into which you'd load a plastic, ridged strip, pull the strip out quick, and put the wheel into seriously high revs. This was primarily an outdoor toy, and came in a variety of vehicle types (I distinctly remember of a couple that were motorcycles, and some very futuristic, spacey cars). I've searched online, and the "stp" is bringing up tons of other auto related stuff. Do I have the name wrong? Anyone else remember these things?
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STP is a brand of gas additive. They did some co-branding with Matchbox in the seventies. There are some on sale on ebay right now. Include 'Matchbox' in your search.
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Richard Petty STP cars on eBay.
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There were SSPs and SSTs - scroll down to S. Was it one of those?
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Matchbox STP on eBay.
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I remember them.

I specifically remember a type which had easily knocked off panels, called (IIRC) "Smash 'em up Derby"... the idea being that you'd crash two into each other and watch the pieces fly.

One of my fave toys.

Here's a vague reference to "SST Smash-em-up Derby" cars, so I guess we're talking about the same things.
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They were called SSTs -- and they were awesome!
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Yeah, I had the SST Smash-em-up Derby cars. Two old 50's beaters, with two ramps. You'd launch 'em at each other, they'd hit front bumpers, and an internal spring gizmo would pop the doors, hood and trunk lids off.

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They were called SSPs.

From iconomy's link...

Ssp Smash Up Derby Set
Foot long plastic cars powered by a rubber wheel in the center. You pull a plastic strip to spin the wheel and when the cars impact with anything, the doors wheels hood and trunk blow off. Quite cool.

The SST (Super Sonic Transport) was the Concorde.

Weird; I was just talking to my wife about my SSPs the other night. Now you can buy a similar toy that's just the wheel.
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iconomy, you rule. MeFi is truly awesome. I'm gonna be up all night with SSP memories.
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I had some of those. At least one had a flint in it so it would make sparks. And not a few little wussy sparks, neither, I mean a right passel of sparks.
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There was, in fact, also a light cycle from Tron which was an SST. I had the yellow one.
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me three, sparking cars, way-out rod designs, and exploding smashing cars. Fine toys, truly top notch.
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I remember making several horrendous marks on my parent's floors with one of these things. It was one of my favorite toys as a kid.
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