older NCAA baseball stats?
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Looking for 1980s and 1990s baseball rosters and stats specifically for Indiana University, any suggestions? baseball-reference.com doesn't seem to have college ball info at all, although perhaps I am missing something. IU proper only provides online records that go back to 2005. One site in particular appears to focus on providing college ball stats as a differentiator, thebaseballcube.com, but they only go back to 2002.

I'm also interested in finding photos from games in the era, especially of road games. I'm looking in particular to establish a timeline of uniform changes for road jerseys in conduction with rosters that include uniform number to date a specific jersey I picked up on ebay.

My purchasing partner stated he picked it up in Bloomington in the mid 2000s so I started looking at players with the number from then and found a guy. But the jersey looks older than that to me. It has a conventional button-closure with interior cotton placketing and a poly shell with elasticized knit striped cuffs, which was a look in the early 1990s in MLB. I haven't ever seen a mixed fabric construction jersey before. It was made by Wilson. Contemporary jerseys are generally all-poly with no separate placket, and older jerseys that I have seen are generally all wool, some with a placket liner of finer material such as cotton. The first poly jerseys seem often to have been pullovers with no buttons in the 1970s, not a look I know if Indiana ever used. Since MLB moved back to buttoned jerseys with poly construction sometime in the late seventies or early eighties, I think it's likely that this jersey is from after 1980.
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You could try asking the University Archives staff, or flip through old yearbooks, which might have photos that could help you place the jersey.
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Or try the Indiana Daily Student newspaper, http://www.idsnews.com, or the Bloomington Herald Tribune archives
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Best answer: This sounds like an excellent question for the obsessives at Uni Watch.
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Response by poster: H-T is paywalled, iirc, but that reminds me that I know a guy...
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Response by poster: in conduction? conjunction, of course, autocorrect you evildoer.
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