Help me tarnish my friends at fantasy basketball
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This season my friends decided to make a fantasy basketball league for the very first time. Most everyone in the league is new to this and it's been a ton of fun so far! However, after a stressful 6 weeks and therefore not setting my lineup as often as I'd liked, I'm second-to-last and am gunning for a major comeback (I just won this week's matchup, too).

My issue is that I don't know how to figure out what players to look for, and while my players are really good, I keep getting beat pretty badly. What are some resources to help me out, and what should I be looking at going forward? I have terrible executive decision making especially when it comes to future events and especially when so many values are at play.

My team as of this morning, Dec. 21, consists of:

Michael Carter-Williams, Bucks
Goran Dragic, Heat
Chris Paul, Clippers
Al-Farouq Aminu, Trail Blazers
Danilo Gallinari, Nuggets
Pau Gasol, Bulls
Marcin Gortat, Wizards
Paul Millsap, Hawks
DeMar DeRozan, Raptors
Eric Gordon, Pelicans
Bizmack Biyombo, Raptors
Harrison Barnes, Warriors
Rudy Gobert, Jazz

My team seems pretty solid to me! Barnes and Gobert are injured but I'm expecting them to come back soon and I'm anxious about letting them go because I could see them doing well. What is it that I'm missing here? Is it just that my friends have superior players? I've been setting my lineup nonstop and I'm not sure getting rid of my two injured players is the answer. My friends have injured players as well and earlier when they let those guys go they came back and whooped ass and subsequently got picked up by somebody else, much to the contention of my friends. I'm just not really sure where to go from here.
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How many players are there in the league? What is the scoring system?
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Gobert will definitely be useful for his blocks once he's back, but Barnes seems like a classic guy who's a much better player in real life than he is on a fantasy team, since his minutes are limited by his role and he doesn't do a ton of any one thing.

But we'll definitely have to know the scoring system before we can say more. What categories are you getting beaten in?
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Since you mentioned that you won the most recent matchup, you're in a weekly league that is either head to head category or head to head points scoring.

Especially if its category, you need to figure out where you team is weak and strong in categories. On your league's standing page, sort by the different categories and see how your team stacks up. It seems like a fairly well rounded team, which can be a problem in category leagues: a 'small ball' team will expect to win assists, threes, FT%, and steals against you and split the rest and win the week, while a 'big ball' team will expect to win blocks, rebounds, FG%, and turnovers against you and split the rest and win the week.

In general in fantasy basketball, points and rebounds are easier to come by. Pretty much anyone who gets the minutes is going to score some points and get some rebounds. Be wary of a big guy like Millsap who does basically only those two things and doesn't block shots. You want you PFs and Cs to either block shots or make threes, generally, in addition to scoring and rebounding. Similarly, beware PGs who don't get assists or threes or steals.

Otherwise, fantasy basketball is mostly about chasing minutes-you want player who play a lot of minutes. It's hard to play more than 30 minutes a game and not be a rosterable fantasy basketball player-in general, sort available players by minutes played per game when you're looking at free agents. On the other hand, it's hard to be a useful fantasy basketball player when you're getting less than twenty minutes per game. Strongly consider dropping any of your players in that instance.

It really helps to pay attention to injuries in the league on a day to day basis: a player who gets a lot of minutes normally and gets injured might yield those minutes to a player who wouldn't otherwise be worth owning.
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That's awesome advice Kwine, thank you. The format is Monday through Sunday and every day that players get points it adds up until the last game on Sunday and whichever player has the most points wins, then on Monday I play somebody else.

I'll be sure to go through my roster and check those variables out!
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