Looking for a 19th century painting of the ocean floor
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While deep in a Google image search for new wall decor, I came across a painting of the sea floor that I can't find again. Details I remember: 19th century, western, realistic in style, landscape orientation, red coral (?) or sea fan-type thingy in the foreground.

Does anyone have any ideas? It wasn't a botanical illustration like Ernst Haeckel. No mermaids or anything fantastic. I seem to remember a Wikipedia or Wikimedia result for the artist or painting, so he's not totally obscure or unknown. Thank you!
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Hmmm. . . could it have been one of William Dickes's illustrations for Glaucus, or Wonders of the Shore, like this one, this one, or this?
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One of Philip Henry Gosse’s illustrations for Actinologia Britannica, perhaps?
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Something by Eugen von Ransonnet-Villez? Undersea explorer and painter - the undersea image of his that's on Wikipedia isn't a painting, but he did also do paintings eg this one, and there's red corals in this.
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I was so bummed when I opened your post and found "no mermaids or anything fantastic". I somehow wanted this to be a search for Ilya Repin's Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom.
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