What are the good, but non-academic London independent schools?
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I've been asked to help a family find the right school for their child - he's 7, not a fan of the whole 'structured work' thing*, and gets in trouble a lot at his current school. They're also (quite rightly) worried that he'll get quite "cool" in a few years if he ends up in the wrong place. He likes art and adores football. A boarding school would be pretty much ideal, as far I can tell, but doesn't seem to be an option.

*: I realise that no 7y/o is, but I work with kids - this one is definitely unusually so.

This isn't really my beat - I know the more academic schools well, but not the schools with good pastoral care and an equal emphasis on non-academic subjects.
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Best answer: Bedales would be the classic answer, but for a non-boarding school, I've heard good things about King Alfred School from someone who went there. They might also want to look at Steiner schools - again I've friends who went to Steiner schools in London and really benefitted from the less structured, more child-led environment.
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