What one large Xmas decoration do I need?
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I lile decorating for Halloween, but I do not like decorating for Xmas. I was at Target and saw they had giant light-up stars, presumably for outside your house. This made me think, what one large, preferably light-up Christmas decoration could I take out every year, set up in the middle of my living room, and go, "Bam. Christmas!?" Something fun but not too traditional?
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Back in the 80s my mom fed a bunch of christmas lights through some chicken wire to make a big 4' span star. We used to have a very tall tree outside our house. Every year my dad would scramble up the tree (doing a horribly dangerous ladder to roof to ladder on roof to climbing a tree for 10 feet maneuver) to hang up the star. It was so big and so tall up that you could see it from the entrance to the neighborhood, which was pretty cool. Even on years we didn't even manage to have a Christmas tree we had that star up.

A couple years ago the lights on the star crapped out, which worked out just fine because the tree is half dead and my dad is probably past a safe tree climbing age, so we don't do that anymore, but it was a really nice, constant tradition while it lasted.
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Life size Santa.
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Well, there is always the Festivus pole....
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spiral indoor tree?
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upside-down tree?

on preview: upside down spiral tree? might look like someone had just come tunnelling through your ceiling.
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A short (2' or so) fake tree that you can set on an end table would make things festive. Buy a handful of ornaments and a short string of lights, and the tree is small enough that you can leave the decorations on it when you put it in a box for storage, so you can just pop it out next year and not have to do any real decorating.

A nativity scene is literally the reification of Christmas, but if you're not particularly religious, then it probably wouldn't be appropriate.
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Christmas tree. You can buy them end-of-season on sale, pre-decorated.
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There actually is a company that sells Festivus poles.
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No offense, but a Christmas tree is probably the worst suggestion....opposite of what I mean, in case that wasn't clear. That's what I've done every year...and the cats eat it. I am thinking something weirder and more non obvious that traditional decorations. And LARGE is my hope. Like, you have to walk around it in the center of the room large.
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An open weave metal basket that's filled to the brim with as many strands of colored lights as it takes. Set on table, plug in. (Note, it has to be metal and fairly open; those lights, even the small ones, generate a lot of heat.)
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(But like, what says WINTER and XMAS SEASON that's not trees and santa? I don't know!)
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Christmas wreath on front door, and then inside a bowl of pinecones that the cat investigates and then leaves alone.

Yule log on the tv at all times we're not watching something, and then our christmas tree ornaments hung in the windows (we have a very curious cat who cannot deal with shiny, hanging ornaments in the windows means he gets distracted by the windows) There is also a pile of Christmas tree lights just in a corner plugged in... we gave up on untangling them, and said cat likes to bat at them anyways and then lie on top of them. It's nice ambient light. Also it turns out I really do like Christmas tree lights indoors.

We debated a non traditional Christmas tree of a pile of books but weren't sure how practical that would be for us personally.

In conclusion, Christmas this year in my house is a concession to the cat. we'll probably leave the giant bowl of pinecones and pile of lights in the corner throughout the winter. it's kind of nice. Wreath on door stays on until equinox or the last snow.

my home is on the minimal/clean lines type of things so I can get away with a pile of lights in the corner. This may not work for everyone
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Come to papa-warning, 20 feet.
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(I'm going suggest another reindeer/deer based on your 'large and awkward' requirement - 5 foot tall one)

Giant 3-D snowflake?
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I've always been a fan of the traditional wooden German pyramid--the propellers spin from the updraft of the candles!--but the ones so large you have to step around are prohibitively expensive.
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Idk, I will forever associate that stupid leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" with Christmas and I think it would be the funniest thing ever if it were the one decoration you put out every year to commemorate the start of the season.
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This probably takes "large enough to step around" all the way to "no room for anything else" but I'm kind of partial to this inflatable Christmas brontosaurus.

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"Inflatable xmas saurus" is getting closer!!!!
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Inflatables fans are noisy, fyi.
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Doesn't need to be inflatable. Probably more durable if it isn't.
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Target sells really cute lightup tinsel figurines that I've been eyeing the last few years. They're not as big as an inflatable, but there is a dinosaur.
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How about a nativity scene with giant life sized animals and if its not christmas enough put some santa hats on them with some ugly christmas sweaters or throw wreath around a neck.

or if your crafty hang a bunch of giant christmas ornaments
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A few ideas:
Santa's laundry on a Christmas light clothes line
A topiary of presents
A life-size Grinch (this gal made one herself! scroll down for the "in progress" pictures)
On the same line as the topiary of presents - a topiary of fun hats. (Make a topiary of anything! Presents, snowmen, giant ornaments, huge Christmas lights...)
An overgrown gingerbread house (make yours from cardboard so it's reusable year to year)
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My in-laws have a wooden nutcracker guy that's almost six feet tell. Seriously, it takes two men to bring him out every year and put him away later.

They have dozens of small nutcrackers around the living room, but this one big guy definitely rules the room.
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