Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle
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Can you suggest a jigsaw puzzle for the family that is about solving a mystery? Something fun and can keep the attention of kids over 12?

I am looking to buy a jigsaw puzzle that is a mystery jigsaw puzzle. So basically not about putting pieces together to make that nice painting but more around solving a mystery once the puzzle is all put together. This is for the family with kids over 12 years. Pieces over 1000 but not, hopefully, over 3000 as that may take forever. If this involves solving a Math problem that would be fine also.

Any ideas would be awesome, thank you!
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Are you talking about something like this? (because wow I had no idea such things existed and they look really fun)
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Wasgij puzzles are fun and challenging, and mysterious in their own unique way.
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The robot one at the bottom of the page ("resistance is futile") was fun! Pretty difficult to put together because the pieces don't all match the box's photo, but then you have to find all the differences at the end... The rest of them look good too.
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My family did this one together at our Christmas gathering last year, it was a really enjoyable puzzle:
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I haven't done these personally, but I just saw a series of such puzzles at the game store. The first few are A is for Arson, B is for Birthday, and C is for Chocolate.
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My family has done mystery puzzles for many years, and while we do love mystery puzzles that have a booklet to read, sometimes not everyone wants to solve a mystery puzzle by first reading a badly-written short story. We only did one or two of the 3D mystery puzzle towers (one example), but I remember them being really fun to figure out. You put together the windows of an office building or hotel (which is fairly easy), and then you have to inspect what's going on in the windows to put together the windows on the building around the box (I think each floor had a distinct color and the stairwell had to be aligned, for instance). Then once it's all put together, you solve the mystery!
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