Used textbooks in Canada
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Where can I get used textbooks online... in Canada?

All the used bookstores that I have been able to find online are located in and ship from USA. The shipping and customs costs could kill a poor student, but so could buying new textbooks from my university bookstore. What are some good, reliable stores in Canada where I could find Sociology, Religious Studies, Psychology and French books for cheap(er)?
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redflagdeals has a Buy/Sell/Trade textbooks forum. I have no idea weather it is really worthwhile or not though, somehow used stuff always seems to be more expensive in Canada.
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Not a store, but you can try TUSBE -- Toronto University Student Book Exchange. Or BookFinder, they've worked well for me in the past. Sometimes you can find dealers that don't charge a fortune for fortune, and I don't think I've ever been charged by Customs for a used textbook.
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Part of the difference is that in Canada there isn't the special book rate that the US post office has (which is not offered out of the goodness of their hearts but because Congress mandated it in the post office's charter). Anyway, a good heavy textbook can cost $15 to $20 to mail in Canada so someone's got to want to pay significantly more than that to make it worthwhile.
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you could also try Toronto Student Book Exchange
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