Weird, Gross Gift Ideas For My Seven Year Old Niece
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I want to get my weirdo niece something for Christmas that will make her snort-giggle.

She's actually my cousin's daughter, and I don't usually get her presents (I only see her about once a year) but we have a lot of fun when we're together. She's adorable and kind of bossy but she also has a weird, slightly morbid streak that I get a huge kick out of. I'd like to get her something on the edge of a gag gift - my ideal reaction would be for her to shout "WHAT IS THIS? WHY DID YOU GET IT FOR ME?" and then fall on the floor laughing.

I'm thinking something slimy or gooey or gross, but I think slime and putty toys are a little too familiar; so are the usual prank gifts like whoopie cushions and fake vomit. And nothing TOO nasty because I don't want her mom to get mad.

I feel like the right present is lurking on the edge of my brain, but I can't figure out what it is! Any ideas?
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Owl pellet dissection kit: partly gross, partly learning tool. Lots of different ones found online.
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inflatable tongue
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She might be a bit young, but Twerking Einstein?
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I got my 8 year old niece a fart machine (Not exactly this one, but similar) that was a huge success.
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Knitted dissected frog?

Eyeball gloves?

Poo dough?

Not slimy, but I love it: Useless Box
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Direct from Japan: DIY butt pudding.
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Giant Microbes?

ThinkGeek's bound to have something...
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The Grossology series of books are pretty awesome.
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Addams Family-related stuff? She might be a budding Wednesday.
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If she has an iPhone, this nose picking case might be appreciated.
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You cannot go wrong with infectious disease balls at

Another win is Pie Face, but you have to be willing to play that with her.
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my weirdo nephew got a big kick out of the emergency inflatable rubber chicken. Neither of us could figure out why it was so funny, but we agreed that it was.
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Does she like to read? This book with a small collection of some of the things he's eaten might be good.Maybe toss in a few chocolate covered crickets and eat them with her?
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This is still in "slime/ooze" territory, but maybe a sodium alginate / calcium lactate kit? She can make her own flavored spheres and goos with it. For a "opening wow factor" you can open them beforehand and make some spheres/worms yourself and immerse them in a fun flavor.

Here's an explanation of how it works: Modernist Cooking Made Easy

and a step by step recipe.
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I got "BeanBoozled" for my cousins who are around the same age. They absolutely loved it, and I loved watching them "play." The premise: There are bunches of different colored jelly beans, but each color has two different flavors, one "yummy" and one utterly revolting. Light green ... mmm ... juicy pear? Or BOOGER? You don't know until you pop 'em in your mouth and chew. The reactions are priceless.

The best was when my little cousin decided she preferred "baby wipes" to coconut.
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Bug vacuum.
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I have a quirky young relative about the same age -- she thought Instant Underwear was hilarious. Also chattering teeth (which may be kind of a standard gag gift). And gummy teeth (candy).
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Maybe a mushroom growing kit? They are pretty weird/gross looking when you first get them, and they slightly improve in appearance as they mature. Check with her parents first, though, because it does take up some space (and the space needs to be chosen carefully). She might need a spray bottle to keep it moist, too.

Check out this video - I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but you can see the product within the first few seconds of the clip and you'll get what I mean. Looks mummified or something.

Here's one on Fungi Perfecti's site for just $26. Their photo shows what it looks like when grown.

Note: some kits expect you to supply your own log, but I've used a Fungi Perfecti kit that basically came with a weird sack of sawdust. It did work, but following the instructions and keeping an eye on it is important.
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I love American Science & Surplus for this
Tabletop melting zombie, $10
Make your own bouncing eyeballs kit, $10
Owl pellets (2) with rodent skeleton inside, comes with accessories and info, $13
Owl pellets (2) with skeleton but no picking-apart tools & stuff, $7.50
Nervous alligator electric game kit, $2

Put it in a Build-it-yourself meat house kit from Archie McPhee

Nose flute
Nose pencil sharpener

And if you have time, the two of you could get together and make the standard gross-food-fakeout kitty litter cake.
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Bean Boozled was originally marketed as Bertie Botts' Every Flavour (Harry Potter tie-in).
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I came to recommend the beanboozled jelly beans and see I've been beaten to the punch. The novelty wears off quickly, as the nasty flavors really are horrible (except the "grass" one, that wasn't so bad) but it is an experience.
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Upon reading this question I immediately thought "jar full of candy spiders" and was gratified to discover such a thing exists.
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Whoopie cushion was a huge hit in my family. Took a long time for that to get old.
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Doggie Doo tabletop game. Exactly what it sounds like.
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Poop Soap!
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Chicken Poop Lip Balm!
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Organ Transplant Lunch Cooler. Both practical and gross, and I can't wait until my kids unwrap theirs on Christmas Day.
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Once I gave my husband's stepsister (she was 6 or 7) a little wooden box (empty inside) and told her it was a lucky mouse fart. She couldn't open the box because 1) the fart would escape and 2) the fart would smell SO BAD.

The idea of the mouse fart is better than the actual gift, haha. She loved showing it off.
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Bean Boozled Jelly Bellies.
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Remote-controlled tarantula! (With light-up eyes!)
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There are rubber animals that poop jelly beans when you squeeze them. Porky Pooper is one, but they must have a generic name.
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Something creepy in lucite!
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You could get her a hand-shaped mould and bond over making a severed meat hand, including slices of onion for the fingernails and wrist bones.
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Venus fly trap.
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A Bogey Man Egg Separator.
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I am too late for this year but maybe next year: a caganer, the traditional pooping Christmas figurine.
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