Help me get out from under all this china!
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My sisters and I inherited our grandmother's old china. We believe it dates to the early 1920s, and has the Fraureuth name and logo on the bottom. Sadly, while it's lovely china and a very extensive set, none of us want it. Rather, we'd prefer to sell it. It was appraised some years ago for around $4K, but we're more interested in minimizing muss and fuss than maximizing the sale price. My question is: Where do we stand the best chance of selling it? (If it matters, the china is currently in Northern Virginia.)
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I'd start by getting a quote from Replacements Ltd. I had a good experience with them, thought my transaction was nowhere near this large. They even file the shipping insurance claim for you if anything breaks so long as you bought the insurance.
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My sister and I are in the exact same boat (except we're in the UK and the china isn't as old) - we're planning to take it to a local auction house that deals in china, get a valuation and then most likely sell it through the same auction house. Like you, we'd rather someone else take a cut and a lot of the hassle out of the process than try and maximise the value of the lot ourselves.

Lots of individual pieces sell decently on eBay, but for us that was a whole world of packing and shipping and insuring that we had no interest in getting into on top of dealing with all of her other stuff.
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You cannot beat Replacements for minimum of hassle. You can definitely get a better price if you sell it yourself via Craigslist or whatever (you probably cannot get a better price from a local dealer unless you're in a big metro area), but to me the hassle of trying to self-sell is so great that I don't mind a bit letting Replacements buy it from me at a price that lets them earn a profit when they sell it.
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Nthing Replacements. I have a friend who collects China from yard sales and takes it in bulk to NC. Saves her the postage and it's a nice trip.
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I too had a good experience with Replacements as a seller.
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There are a lot of antique shops in Kensington, MD. Perhaps call a few or contact Jura Koncius at the Washington Post to see if she has any suggestions.
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