What sites do you recommend for personalized gifts?
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I'd like to put in a bit more thought present-wise this year for my friends and family, and have been scouring the net for a site that lets you personalize gifts with custom-made images (memes, cats, artwork, etc). I've found a few, but there's not many reviews so I'm not sure which are reputable. Does anyone have some gift-personalization sites that they could recommend? I'd also love to learn of any sites that personalize unique gifts other than the usual coffee mugs and t-shirts.
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Zazzle has great customer service, frequent sales, and offers everything from decanters to coasters to flasks and phone cases. I've ordered wrapping paper, map posters, and mugs and been satisfied. I discovered a printing error on a mug (it happens) and they're shipping a replacement- I just had to send in a photo.
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Madewell will monogram any of their leather goods (mostly purses and keychains) with three initials. West Elm also monograms some of their products, like keepsake boxes.
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I have had good results getting personalized doormats from personalizationmall.com.
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Not on the High street is great, but it is UK based... not sure where you are.
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I've used photobox.co.uk to make personalised calendars and placemats for friends and family, as well as mugs, and they've usually turned out well.
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I've also had good luck with Zazzle. I got my dad a cute mug with an inside joke on it as a birthday gift once. I also use a Zazzle mug every day at work.
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Zazzle looks great! Thanks everyone.
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For future reference, you can use stitchtagram to use instagram stuff or your other photos into pillows, bags, ottomans, etc..
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