Star Wars torture critic
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Brain failed me in middle of office conversation goof-off. Who is the critic of the Episode 1 - 2 - 3 Star Wars movies that delivers his critique in the persona of a sadistic torturer who has captives in his basement? Maybe I just dreamed this, but if anyone could help out I'd appreciate
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Red Letter Media. "Mr. Plinkett"
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Red Letter Media's Mr. Plinkett is the guy you're looking for.
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Perfect thank's a bunch
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RLM was discussed a bit in the active TPM thread, if you're interested.
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Frowned upon for the murder and rape framing (WTF!?), but the crit is first rate.
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It's a character, I think mocking how people view basement dwelling manchildren. The actual guys are not like that at all. Doesn't make it less distasteful but the film criticism is incredibly good.
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If you are interested, I made a rough edit of all 3 Plinkett reviews that just removes the rapey / murdery / etc content so I could share & enjoy it with my partner. Memail me if you want me to upload it somewhere.
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Churl, I would totally be interested in that.
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Here you go. The original is full of jarring/abrupt jump-cuts anyways so in that sense it doesn't make a huge difference that there's some new ones. But it does mean I had to trim right up to the exact frame of the cutaway, which the file seemed to handle badly during playback sometimes.

Upshot is, depending on what player you use (quicktime, vlc, etc) it seems like you sometimes get a brief flash of the removed clip at the moment where my edit is. Wasn't able to 100% clean that up unfortunately.

Basically, sometimes it looks weird but it gets the job done
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